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There’s method to the madness

Hi, my name is Richard, my friends call me Richie and Rich, and so can you. I have been taking pictures since I was a kid. My dad gave me his old camera and showed me how to use it. I was sold, I made my 3 year old sister my first model. We had fun. My pictures have gotten a little better since then.

I strive to create excitement in the mind, the image, the feeling that is larger than life, more vivid than reality. Heighten the senses and inspire your imagination to new experiences. I prefer to go to the positive side of things and create images that give an energetic feeling, that uplift and energize.

It is always about the final product and the way it make you feel when you look at it. It is my sincere aim to give each client personal attention to enhance their goal and always give more in value then I receive in compensation. No ego, no rushing, no tension, if it aint’ fun we won’t do it!

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